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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Don Hopkins, Kaleida Labs

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Ok, well anyway, I've changed the structure, and I'll go back to NetScape, and then link back to the room here, and you'll see the change reflected in the outline, and there's the new nesting there. And I could change the gravity of the room, or the friction.

Or the cool thing is I could click on this image here. This is like an image map, but it's talking to a real program, and it can look at the coordinates of the mouse click, and then go to the real thing that you clicked on, and it just exported an interlaced gif, and here's the whole room.

If these things don't move around, I'll just click on Bill's head here. Woah, come on NetScape. Where's my cursor? Woah. I'll just click on the robot thing here, and that just goes back to the room. Of course if it had moved in the meantime, I wouldn't get it. That may be the problem. Let me give you a peek under the hood of ScriptX. It's exporting this giant gif, I think.

The cool thing is that this is using an interface to NetScape that also works with the SpyGlass browser, and also works on Windows. So this is the log of the ScriptX server, and the cool thing is that we can find out stuff, we have a very intimate interface with the browser, better than just being a helper app.

It tells us every time it goes to some URL, so we can follow that and build a map. We can register for a protocol, that's why we have this "scriptx:" thing here.

This is the key to writing really cool authoring tools for NetScape. This is like, uh, I mean, you know, it's a map, boom, like that, why don't we just say "Save as ScriptX", and export a whole network of web pages with image maps and things like that. That's the next step I'm talking this towards. And this NetScape will sort of be like the previewing engine for this multimedia web that you're going to generate.

And the cool thing is that this multimedia web that you're going to generate with this authoring tool I'm working on, will be able to have links in it to the actual ScriptX title containers, that represent the objects from which it was generated, that you can download. You can go window shopping, look at the storefronts, the gif files that were generated, that show here's what's on sale today, and then links to real objects that you can take out for test drives. That's why I want to do this authoring tool in ScriptX.

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