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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Don Hopkins, Kaleida Labs

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This is a tool here that uses NetScape as an interface. When this DreamScape thing runs, it dynamically loads a C extension that lets it talk to NetScape. Aaah, stop that. Woops, ow. And then the DreamScape thing registers an inspector for this application. We'll just hit "dream". There's a bunch of other neat little services.

Here are the rooms defined in DreamScape, and I think we're in Mobile, and we'll just click on that, it loads the gif exporter, writes out a little thumbnail of the room that we're in, tells us the neighbors, to the left is a volcano, and then the contents, and this is a nested list here, a nested bulleted list, reflecting the structure.

It's an AnimatedPuppetPart, which is the body. The cool thing is that we can click on these links, this room browser has links to object browsers, and that's the AnimatedPuppetPart, he's in room Mobile, where I came from, he has children left leg, neck, right leg.

And the cool thing, is that here are some forms to edit his elasticity. We'll make that guy two, and then hit "Submit". So that just changes that guy's elasticity.

Let's see. Woah. Goes off the side, and his body hits. Boom. So I'll just start ping-ponging back and forth here, unless I do something. But, woah, stop stop! Woah! No! OK, wait wait wait! My demo's falling apart!

OK, wait, stop! Stop! Stop! Arrgh! Stop! Do I have to do push-ups? Ok, wait wait wait wait. Ok.

Ok, so we'll make a little thing here. You can spend hours doing this. I think there's a game in here somewhere. Come on. Right there.

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