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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Don Hopkins, Kaleida Labs

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Ok, whoops, woah, ok! Landed in a tree. I want artists to be able to use these tools to create things. One neat idea I have that I haven't quite finished yet is being able to edit trees.

Think, this is isomorphic to an outliner, this little tree here is like an outliner, and I can just move parts of the outline around by direct manipulation.

And if I went into NetScape, I'd see, where am I, woops. Not only can I, oh wait. Go to the room he was in, cause that's an old link. And I can put these puppet parts together to build a tree, or a program could generate them by looking at the links I'm following in NetScape, or just doing whatever. I'll go inspect this room.

This brings the whole map up. And that's an image map that I can click on, and if I moved the map around, I would of course see the updated map.

Here we go. The Mac's not really great at process switching. See, this is the outline. Imagine just taking tree structures and representing them as these puppet graphics.

And there are cool things that you can put on the tips of the things. Like this here is a seed.

You can think of this as sort of a vertical painting tool, for painting with dandylions, and you pick the flower, and bring it around, and it leaves little petals around. This is just an object that was also brought in through the director importer.

The director importer can handle many really neat special formats, so if you're going to be doing a whole lot of something that requires media in a certain way, you can come up with a specialized director importer than can handle that.

So you get the idea. You can get a set of objects from one place, and a set of objects from another place, and combine them in really unexpected ways.

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