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Don Hopkins, Kaleida Labs

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Great content, how do you get great content? You got to import it from different sources, like Director files, aiff things, and bitmaps. Then you can, like... This is intended to provide some templates for people to import common things without having to program.

Like these records here, you can just drop an audio file into place, and just drop a new image of the record, and you've got a new one. We're debating about whether anybody will remember how to use this user interface here.

We've got timelines and things, and animations. A lot of these animations are defined in Director. The same way that Director doesn't make Photoshop obsolete, you do your images in Photoshop, and then load them into Director, and animate them. We load our animations into Director, and put registration points on them, and I've made a special Director importer.

Before you go insane, I'll change the record. Stop that. And I'll stick this one on. I'll do a Michael Jordan here. I have ESP: I can use wind to blow objects around. Woah, down there. Woah.

Ok. So each of these rooms here is an object that we can distribute on the web, as a separate "title container". We can use ScriptX as a web "helper application", and point to a ScriptX title container, and you click on it, it downloads, and it starts running, and loads into whatever you're doing. So you could get more records and things, and people could publish interesting interactive objects.

Woops. OK. This is really easy to use. Oh wait. Hmm. So, umm. OK. The thing is, this is not a Killer App. It's a nurturing environment. We want to give creative people an environment in which to plant their seeds, a fertile ground, instead of a Killer App. You can give an artist Director, and say, do some neat graphics, put some registration points down, and load it into ScriptX.

Here's where the Astral Traveling comes in handy. Hmmm! These objects can be authoring tools. Little mini authoring tools. Like this map you could consider a way to change, to move things around. This is the smooching user interface, you just kiss them up together.

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