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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Don Hopkins, Kaleida Labs

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I hope my screen saver hasn't zapped me. Is that on video? I think I have to turn on video mirroring here.

OK, I'm going to demonstrate DreamScape which is (oh, there we go) DreamScape is a constructive experience built on ScriptX, that combines a whole lot of different metaphors, and demonstrates many of the neat things about ScriptX.

It's based on rooms and objects. We're in a room here, and here's an object, a part. The rooms are connected together in a map.

This is my "user representation" [avitar], this is Bill, Bill Jellavich. We click on him and we get a map, centered on where we are.

So we're in this room here, and I can actually edit this map, disconnect it, and I could, say, give this presentation backwards by starting over here.

I can move around and and I can bounce off the side, and then go off the edge into a different room. I find things in the room. Like here's a flower.

And we have some animated objects. And this is a weird spiral thing. And we can do constructive things with them, like stick them together, and, you know, build Barrel of Monkeys or Mr. Potato Head type things.

And some of these things have behaviors, like this is for duplicating things, so I'll just drag it over the flower, boom, and it fissions, just makes another flower.

Fortunately, the head is magic, because the head represents you, and if you duplicated you, and then went out of the room, what would you do? So I had to put some special code there.

Another weird thing: you can do this astral traveling, by clicking on the head, and going to another room, and then you don't have the head, and you can't get out, so don't lose your head, remember where you left it.

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