Resume for Donald Edward Hopkins


Donald Edward Hopkins
Oosterpark 83-II
1092AV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 617 659 537
US Citizen


Integrating diverse software components; scripting languages; extensions; modules; plug-ins; open source; portable cross platform code; software configuration; source code control; build systems; content pipelines; integration tools; data driven software; template and macro systems; databases; object/relational mappers; XML applications; XML schemas; Relax/NG; validation; data binding; content management systems; user interfaces; direct manipulation; virtual reality; user generated content; authoring tools; simulations; games; storytelling; educational software; serious games; ebooks; using and developing frameworks, plug-in interfaces, extension mechanisms, software development kits; technical writing; documentation; white papers; tutorials; articles; technical evangelism; designing and writing clean, well commented exemplary source code; developer examples; software testing; demos; reviewing technical books, manuals, and software source code; motivating and mentoring teams, co-workers, developers and customers; supporting and inspiring third party developers.


Programming languages. Visual programming. Cellular automata. Educational software. User created content. Content creation tools. Online communities. Developing the open source version of SimCity, which I've worked on for 16 years, into an educational game, Micropolis, for the OLPC XO-1 laptop, Windows, Mac and Linux desktop, and web based Flash user interfaces.

Programming Languages:

C++, C, Python, JavaScript, OpenLaszlo, Java, PHP, Lisp, Forth, PostScript, Lua, C#, SAS, Kaleida ScriptX, 3D Studio Max MaxScript, SQL, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, Bounce/Body Electric (VPL's virtual reality visual programming language), SimAntics (The Sims behavior visual programming language), Assembly (6502, 6809, 68k, SPARC, x86, PowerPC Altivec, StrongARM).

XML Technologies:

Rigorous understanding of XML theory and practice, and a wide range of experience using and designing XML applications. Expat, Pyxml, XmlElement, DOM, SAX, Streaming Pull Parsers, XML Processing Pipelines, Unicode, DTD, XML Schemas, Relax/NG, Jing, XPath, XSLT, Kid Templates, TAL/METAL Templates, XUL, Oxygen/Eclipse, Ant, SVG, VML, XHTML, RSS, OPML, XOXO, XML/RPC, SOAP, Atom, ReST, JSON, DHTML Behaviors, XUL, XBL, SAPI Speech Recognition Grammar Specification, OpenLaszlo, Web Server Scripting Languages and Configuration Files, Slats Robot Dialog and Personality Simulation Format, Pie Menus, ConnectedTV GUI Format, TitanTV Program Guide Format, The Sims Transmogrifier Export Format, many special purpose formats.

Integration Technologies:

Microsoft COM/ActiveX/ATL/OLE Automation, Macromedia MOA, XP/COM, Web Services, HTML Screen Scraping, SWIG, Python win32com, GObject.

Web APIs:

Blogger API, Meta Weblog API, Movable Type API, Technorati API, Radio Userland, PayPal IPN, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Amazon, Laszlo Mail, Internet Archive, NutritionQuest, BitTorrent DNA.

Speech Technologies:

Stupid Fun Club: Research and development of speech technology for talking toys and robots: IBM ViaVoice, AT&T Natural Voices, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Microsoft Speech API, Expression Facial Animation System, SAPI Speech Recognition Grammar Specification, XML Robot Dialog Specification, Speech Feedback "Robopoetry", Festival Speech Synthesizer, Edinburgh Speech Tools, Festvox Voice Building Tools, Flite Speech Synthesizer, LPCC, Python, Talking Toys, Expressive Speech Phonelope Editor.

Independent WinCE project development: Cepstral Swift Speech API and Voices, WinCE, Lua scripting, SWIG integration, C++, Talking Pie Menus, Facial Animation.

Source Code Control and Development Tools:

SCCS, RCS, CVS, Subversion, Perforce, Git, rsync, make, Gnu Configuration Tools, jhbuild, Ant, Eclipse, Sun Java Studio, Microsoft SourceSafe, Microsoft Visual Studio. Metrowerks CodeWarrior.

SQL Interfaces:

MySQL, Postgres, PHPMySQLAdmin, MySQL Administrator Tool, MySQLdb (Python), SQLObject (Python), SQLAlchemy (Python), Zope ZSQL Methods (Python), Plone Archetypes SQL Storage (Python), Pear::DB (PHP), Hibernate (Java), JDBC (Java), Versant Object Database (Java).

User Interface Platforms and Toolkits:

Web Servers:

Libraries, Tools and Modules:

Work Experience:

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Independently Developed Projects:


Graduated from the University of Maryland, May 1990. BS, Computer Science.



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