ScriptX DreamScape Demo, 9 of 9

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Don Hopkins, Kaleida Labs

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So, you can have authoring tools, you can dynamically load them. Let's go to that place where the robot parts were. So, the idea is, well what is a tool, what is an authoring tool? I'd like to blur the lines, you know.

Umm, I mean, woah, I'm lost, excuse me. You have wind. You can press down on the background and drag, so you can appear to have ESP. OK, woah, stop, stop, ok. Now, ok, let's stop these guys, and get rid of that guy.

The cool thing is that it's all multithreaded, you know, you just set something on its way, and go do something else, it's gestural.

Ok, now import a tool at runtime. ScriptX dream parts. So we have zillions of neat little parts. The cheese, the flower, timeline. If this was an adventure game, you wouldn't want to include the map, cause that would let people cheat, or might let people cheat, maybe they'd have to build their own map or something.

So this is a timeline that could be sychronized with some music that's playing in the room, or something like that. I can drag one of these objects onto the timeline, and it makes a little icon for it, and then when the time goes over it, it triggers it.

Imagine a game where you've got a lot of weird Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions that you can stick together, and you have to put them together in some way, and then arrange a timeline, so that it goes out and grabs, and shoots a basket or something, or you know, who knows? We're just trying to make an open ended framework where people can come up with stuff like that, and do these demos.

They're about to show me the bomb, aren't they? Don't worry, it's not going to crash.

The future direction of this is as a web authoring tool, and we'll be putting this on the net as soon as I can get it sort of finished. And I got a whole lot of work done on it night before last right before the first talks we did, so we're making progress. OK, I'll let the next person go now. Thanks.

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