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Live Demos | Don Hopkins

Live Demos

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Pandora Music Discovery Laszlo Application

Pandora has developed a wonderful Laszlo application for the discovery of music, based on the Music Genome Project.

They have a free trial, so you can check it out and see how it works for yourself!

Pandora's CTO Tom Conrad had this to say about using Laszlo to develop Pandora:

Our just-now-launched music discovery service, Pandora, is an OpenLaszlo application. It wouldn't be fair to finish up our launch without a tip of the hat to the amazing Laszlo team and open source community.

Eight months ago when we sat down to figure out how were were going to deliver a compelling zero-install discovery and listening experience across Windows, Mac, and Linux in record time we considered everything you can imagine: plain old HTML, AJAX, Flex, OpenLaszlo to name just a few. In the end, Laszlo was the clear winner on all fronts. Mature, reliable, and the perfect tool for the job. This outcome was only remarkable in that the decision was made by some of the most capable AJAX developers on the planet. I'll have more to say about Laszlo in another post, but for now I just want to publicly say thanks to the great team at Lazslo. Pandora wouldn't be Pandora without you.

Laszlo Koosh Ball Generator

For fun, and to test out Laszlo's rendering speed with lots of lines, I rewrote the classic NeWS "Koosh Tool" koosh ball generator in OpenLaszlo.

It's amazing how many colored lines Flash can animate on the screen at once!

Laszlo Koosh Balls Demo

Laszlo Koosh Balls Source Code in Laszlo

John von Neumann's 29 state Cellular Automata Implemented in OpenLaszlo

For fun, and to learn OpenLaszlo, I implemented the classic 29 state self reproducing cellular automata, invented by John von Neumann.

The JavaScript and XML code is written with no thought to efficiency, just conceptual clarity and convenience of implementation. It can't run a lot of cells at once, but at least it's slow enough to watch it compute. Don't worry: there's not space for it to reproduce!

I've configured it with several interesting initial conditions, including several different approaches to signal crossing, and an exclusive-or gate.

It uses pie menus for editing the grid of cells.

Laszlo von Neumann Cellular Automata Demo

Laszlo von Neumann Cellular Automata Source Code in Laszlo

Laszlo Pie Menus

I've ported my JavaScript pie menu code to OpenLaszlo, and rewritten it to take advantage of Laszlo features like Flash graphics and animation, constraints, events, prototype customization, and XML data binding.

I'm using the Laszlo pie menus in the Sims Content Catalog, and the von Neumann 29 State Cellular Automata, and other projects.

Laszlo Pie Menu Demo

Laszlo Pie Menu Demo Source Code in Laszlo

Laszlo Pie Menu Component Source Code in Laszlo

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