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Cellular Automata | Don Hopkins

Cellular Automata

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John von Neumann's 29 state Cellular Automata Implemented in OpenLaszlo

For fun, and to learn OpenLaszlo, I implemented the classic 29 state self reproducing cellular automata, invented by John von Neumann.

The JavaScript and XML code is written with no thought to efficiency, just conceptual clarity and convenience of implementation. It can't run a lot of cells at once, but at least it's slow enough to watch it compute. Don't worry: there's not space for it to reproduce!

I've configured it with several interesting initial conditions, including several different approaches to signal crossing, and an exclusive-or gate.

It uses pie menus for editing the grid of cells.

Laszlo von Neumann Cellular Automata Demo

Laszlo von Neumann Cellular Automata Source Code in Laszlo

Educational Multi Player SimCity for Linux Proposal

Back in March 2002, Maxis told me they were interested in supporting the educational use of products like SimCity. Earlier, I had developed a multi player version of SimCity, which runs on Linux/X11, and was scriptable in TCL. Educators and researchers from Columbia University, MIT, IBM, Xerox and other educational and commercial institutions were excited about gaining access to this version of SimCity, and adapting it to teach and stimulate students' interest in urban planning, computer simulation and game programming.

So I wrote this proposal and presented it to Maxis, but nothing ever became of it. But recently, Will Wright has been pushing EA to relicense SimCity under the GPL, so the OLPC project can use it. So it may eventually see the light of day!

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