Pie Menus for NeWS 1.1 - March 1988

I release the first version of pie menus for NeWS 1.1 on March 30, 1988. Here is the source code written in NeWS's dialect of PostScript with Owen Densmore's object oriented extensions, using the "Lite" user interface toolkit.

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 88 08:02:23 EST
From: Don Hopkins <don@brillig.umd.edu>
To: NeWS-makers@brillig.umd.edu
Subject: Pie Menus for NeWS 1.1

Here's the latest piemenu.ps, for NeWS 1.1! You can psh it into your NeWS server, or load it from your user.ps. Note that because of a problem with /flipstyle, you should load piemenu.ps after customizing the NeWS rootmenu and its submenus. This is because flipstyle changes the submenu objects under rootmenu, but not the variables in systemdict that refer to them. The function /setdefaultmenu, defined and invoked in piemenu.ps, sends a /flipstyle to roomenu and redefines the rootmenu in systemdict. If you want to change the menus after running piemenu.ps, one fix for this problem is to use /searchkey in your user.ps, after running piemenu.ps, to redefine the variables in systemdict to refer to the new submenus. Then you can send /insertitem and /deleteitem messages to terminalmenu, etc. (Otherwise you'd be changing the old submenus, and see no effect on the pie submenus.)

% redefine menus in systemdict after flipstyle!
(Applications =>) /searchkey rootmenu send {
  /getmenuaction rootmenu send
  /applicationsmenu exch def
} if

(Terminals =>) /searchkey applicationsmenu send {
  /getmenuaction applicationsmenu send
  /terminalmenu exch def
} if

(Fixed Startup =>) /searchkey terminalmenu send {
  /getmenuaction terminalmenu send
  /fixedterminalmenu exch def
} if

% etc...

The above is a bit of a kludge. The way I think it should work is that menu actions that invoke submenus should be (executable?) keywords that refer to menus defined in systemdict, instead of the actual menu objects themselves. (see /getmenuaction) Then flipstyle would be able to redefine the keywords in systemdict, instead of just sticking new submenus into the new menus it creates. And you'd be able to just redefine keywords in systemdict to be new menus, and the any menus using those as submenus would reflect the changes.

I'm also including class LayeredPieMenu. Its /new method takes an extra argument: an array of MenuArgs. The cursor distance from the menu center determines the argument from MenuArgs returned by the /getmenuarg method. One problem I had was that /flipstyle was flipping the style of instances of class LayeredPieMenu, whose actions use LayeredPieMenu's /getmenuarg method, not defined in class LitePullRightMenu. I defined a /flipstyle method in LayeredPieMenu that makes it immune to having its style flipped. Here is an example of how to use class LayeredPieMenu:

  [ 24 32 48 ]
  [ (brillig) (gyre) (ballast) (tumtum) (amanda) (bensun) (haigha) (mimsy) ]
  [ { (rsh % -n setenv NEWSSERVER % ; psterm -t h19 -bg -fl % -il % -li %)
      [ currentkey % host
        % get rid of hostname after ; in NEWSSERVER!
        (NEWSSERVER) getenv (;) search {exch pop exch pop} if
        currentkey dup % host NEWSSERVER host host
        getmenuarg % host NEWSSERVER host host #lines
      ] sprintf
      forkunix } ]
  /new LayeredPieMenu send
  dup /LabelMinRadius 30 put

% add rlogin menu
2 (Rlogin =>) rloginmenu /insertitem rootmenu send

You will get an menu of hosts, which will show "24", "32", or "48" in the menu center when the cursor is in an active region, depending on how far out the cursor is. You will get a psterm that menu lines tall when you choose a host.

Try out you own ideas, by making subclasses of PieMenu and LayeredPieMenu that do what you YOU want them to, and tell me about them! Have fun!


Date: Fri, 29 May 87 13:17:32 EDT
From: Jack Callahan <callahan@tove.umd.edu>
To: don@tove.umd.edu
Subject: pies

I saw the circular pie menus under NeWS that you did last night. Nice. Very nice. Tell Mark (weiser.pa@xerox.com).

-- jack