Welcome to Don Hopkins' new Drupal site!

I'm now using the Drupal content management system for this site. Marc Canter recommended I check out Drupal, so I'm giving it a try now. It seems to work pretty well so far, and it looks like some well designed and written code. I've cleaned up and reorganized my old stuff, added some new stuff, and made some books and discussion forums as well a blog. There's lots more cool stuff to come!

Please follow the "read more" links of articles you're interested in, because only the first few paragraphs are shown in the blog view. Please tell me if you have any problems or suggestions.

On a quest...

I was wondering if the Crowd Controller for Sims 1 could be downloaded anywhere? I couldn't find a link to but I'd love to have it. Would make big social gatherings so much easier! :) My email is animexotica@hotmail.com, if you have time to reply. Thanks for everything! Love your site.

What is your address these days?

We think you should come home for Yule. Also, mg wants to talk to you.