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Attention Object Makers

I recently had to buy a new came with the new Windows Vista installed. It is totally incompatible with most of the programs needed to make objects. Transmogrifier is very difficult to use and Home Crafter won't install at all (as well as some other games and programs). I have spent the past several days with tech support people and Microsoft. Nothing can be done at this time. Electronic Arts has a whole section on "Windows Vista Compatibility" which should read, "Incompatability" This is just a warning for those who may be getting a new computer in the near future. As a service to all object makers, please pass this email on to forums and/or groups that may be interested. Thank you :o) AuntB

RugOmatic 1.4 OR 1.6

When i downloaded the program 1.4 I payed 10.00 for the whole program. When i opened the program. The S# was not the one that was assign to me The number that is in the program Seial #s 4649723991695728927 I tried to take the number out, But i could not. When the program opens it 1.6. But when i was going to delete the program for the 5 time. , The program said 1.4. I have E-Mailed tec support about 7 times with no help. HELP


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