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auto suggestor in openllaszlo 3.3.3

Hi Don, i am working on openlaszlo for the past 4 months and i am developing a web based appilcation in openlaszlo...i want to create a auto suggestor like the one in google finance...i have made it in javascript and tryied to embed it in my laszlo application but it did'nt worked. can u suggest how to create auto suggestor in laszlo....coz many of the javascript functions and methods are not working in openlaszlo 3.3.3!!!!!!!!!!! plz help me, thanks in advance - amit chirania

UI customisation

Hi! I just started working with Laszlo and from my Web UI designer's point of view it seems pretty impressive. But, it was difficult to find detailed info on how to design UI's using Laszlo in practise, I mean is there a decent tool available which a designer can use to just drag and drop components, fix their properties, styles, maybe customise them like in HTML editors, such as Dreamweaver? Laszlo has a plugin for Eclipse but it's far away from being a user friendly tool and it forces UI designers to learn coding... it's better to let coders to their part I say :) I've been wondering how Don created Laszlo Mail, for example. Did he use customised swf-files instead of default/modified Laszlo component set? Thanks in advance! Matti

cool site

hi! I just started using Laszlo last month and this site is pretty cool and interesting. There are a lot of new stuff I've learned. Anyways, I have this itsy bitsy question.. Uhmmm... Is it possible to pass a wildcard value from Laszlo?? I need to pass it to java for database search.. I'm totally blank about this. If somebody knows please help me. =) ***** Not all who wander are aimless.Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image. *mona lisa smile*

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This is a forum for discussing OpenLaszlo.

[/quote] DOn, Thanks for the gfreat site !@!! I am very excited sincel finding Openlaszlo. I am interested in an openlaszlo front end with a python/ruby backend. Do you have any samples that you can share. Regards, Bryan Webb

samples of your openlaszlo sql utility

Don, Would you share this example ? Regards, Bryan Webb


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Openlaszlo Stuff

Hi Don, I went through your openlaszlo samples.. cool stuff..
I had done my internship for Macromedia Flex, building sample Online apps, nothing hardcore... but got basic understanding of this technology.
Since you have been working on complex laszlo apps including LaszloMail app, you might be the best person to ask. I have been been working on a similar Laszlo app (size ~ 590kb).
But, I have been having really hard time in loading the app under 10 sec. Initstage="defer", LzIdle, Lztimer got me to lower the load time to 17 sec...

As laszloMail app loads much quicker, there has to be a way.... If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


For grins I took your opml and imported it into omnioutliner on my mac. Now its time to do a web based opml editor in laszlo.

I know I should read the laszlo doc but I'm trying to figure out how datapath is bound as a member variable of an outline and why this is done differently then, for example, the member variable grown.


p.s. I'm in Orlando on a business trip and am very very bored.