BlogBlox Free Laszlo Applications for Personal Blogs

Blogboxes provide exciting, instantly deployed functionality for your blog or Web site. They are free for non-commercial use. Enjoy them and spread the good word!

Photoblox: Show personal image slideshows on your Web page, customized to suit with dramatic presentation effects, annotations and PayPal integration.

Linkblox: Compactly present your favorite URL links within expandable tabs. Customize the Linkblox with your own external OPML XML file.

Weatherblox: Always have an answer to "How's the weather?". Enhance your blog or homepage with WeatherBlox.

Soundblox: Let your visitors play MP3 format audio directly out of your Web page. Customize the appearance and content of your SoundBlox with your own XML playlist and media.

Clockblox: Keep your Web visitors on time. Garnish your blog or homepage with ClockBlox.