Laszlo Database Interface

I'm developing a reusable Laszlo component for browsing and editing SQL databases.

Currently it's up and running, built into the Sims Content Catalog Laszlo application, and it talks to a Python/SQLObject/MySQL back-end. But I'm factoring it out and redesigning it to work on its own, and support multiple back-ends.

Laszlo is ideal for implementing specialized user interface components for editing custom data types, like checkboxes, pie menus, color selectors, date pickers, OPML editors, picture viewers, map browsers, etc.

What about Python ?

Hi, I don't really know what Python is, just it's a good programming language. I just like to know if Python program can serves web requests ? And what about sending just-in-time compiled Laszlo apps (Flash) back to the client according to given GET or POST parameters ? Is this possible ? Thanks in advance! Best, Stéphane