Laszlo Mail

Note: Laszlo Mail is now live! You can sign up for a free account at, and try it out now!

This is stuff about Laszlo Mail, which is a rich web email application, runs in any web browser supporting the Flash player, talks to a Java server via asynchronous XML, and provides a rich desktop-application-like gui with drag-and-drop, etc.

Laszlo Systems is developing Laszlo Mail and other Laszlo components for customers like Earthlink, who are deploying their "Earthlink Ehanced Webmail" customized version of Laszlo Mail to millions of customers.

I've learned how to develop large complex Laszlo applications like Laszlo Mail, by working as a contractor for Laszlo Systems.

I developed the email folder tree, with drag and drop editing of a tree of mail folders, and also the attachments upload component.

Dragn' Drop Tree control

We are evaluating Laszlo for use in our application but we would need to have a tree control that handles drag and drop to manipulate the leafs to re-order and also create child leafs as you do in the Mail application. Can your tree handle that already? Is your tree something that is available for others to use? Thanks, Jesse


i've noticed that the grid columns in the Inbox panel behave differently from the default laszlo grid. Could you tell me how to achieve that?