My Mom Got a Promotion!

Did I ever mention that my mom is a satellite shepherd as well as a cat herder? Congratulations on the promotion!

From: "Richard Cebula"
Date: Feb-Thu- 5 2004 18:58:29 -0500

Dear Colleagues,

I pleased to announce that Ms. Marghi Hopkins has accepted the position of Technical Leader of two SESDA Contract Work Activities: OMI Science Support Team (916-003) and OMI TLCF/SIPS (922-001). Both work activities face significant challenges as we finalize and test the science algorithms and the data system in preparation for OMI's launch this June on the EOS-Aura satellite. Marghi brings great skills, experience, and enthusiasm to her new role. Please join me in congratulating Marghi and thanking her for agreeing to taking on this challenging and important position within the Ozone Group.