Bil Simser blogs about Micropolis source code and gui

Bil Simser has been writing some great stuff on his blog about building the Micropolis source code.

And he's even been developing a user interface in Python around the MicropolisCore module.

I have been working on a scripting language independent callback system, and removing the old X11 and SimView dependencies from the code, so you can call the editing tools from the scripting language. Bil will be hooking that stuff up soon.

The idea behind the scripting language independent callback mechanism is so that the Micropolis engine can generically call back out to "virtual" functions that can be written in a scripting language, or handlers built into the application, without being tied to any one particular scripting language or user interface toolkit.

I've done all the plumbing with C++ and SWIG to integrate MicropolisCore with Python, which can be used as an example for integrating it with any other scripting language that SWIG supports (and there are many). So the same MicropolisCore simulation engine can run in a web server as well as a laptop application, and it will be easy to port to other platforms like desktop computers or handheld devices, and languages like Lua or Java.