Python Plug-In Technologies for Extending OLPC SimCity

The TurboGears web framework, and other Python web frameworks like wsgi, use Python eggs, easyinstall, setuptools, distutils, buildutils, paste, and other systems to package code and manage plug-ins for web servers, template engines, and other components.

I've been wondering how the Python version of SimCity can expose a bunch of different plug-in interfaces, like zones, disasters, editing tools, and locate resources and compiled Python extensions associated with each plug-in, etc.

And how can the development tool and other Python based visual programming languages support programming and packaging plug-ins?

I'd appreciate it if anyone who understands that stuff could please point out some good web pages about Python plug-in frameworks, explain some of the issues and solutions available to Python programmers, or describe the big picture behind the design of setuptools, Python eggs, paste, etc!