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At Will Wright's talk for Terry Winnograd's User Interface class in 1996:

There was some interesting discussion about using SimCity as a medium for story telling: encouraging people to imagine far beyond the bounds of what the computer is able to simulate. You can build cities to empathise with, and tell stories about them, about their people, culture, buildings, and history. A class of students could label different parts of a city, and each person could tell a story about a different part, that interacted with the stories going on in neighboring parts of the city. Then they could make a web site with the downloadable city, and an image map of the whole city, linking to all the stories on web pages, with screen snapshots of their neighborhoods, and lots of hypertext links between each story. This way each student could colaborate with several others to write a web of interconnected stories, all about the same city!

That pretty well sums up what The Sims Exchange is all about -- like a specialized blog built around a simulation game with built-in storytelling and content creation tools, for publishing stories as well as live downloadable user created game content:

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I Feel Lucky

Here's the "next episode" teaser of a great series by a popular writer:

I Surrender Part IV

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One day on a very dark night, the Head called some of his most loyal followers into this inner chamber. He handed each one pictures of Viola, Jennifer, and Reginald. "Kill them all," he said.

He then picked up a picture of Sebastian. "Wound him and take him to the chamber. I want to take care of him personally. "

Finally, he picked up a picture of Chris. "Restrain, but don't harm her, at least not until after the child is born."

I hope you are enjoying the story so far. Please be nice and rate and I promise to try and get the next part out as soon as possible.

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